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Van Gogh

I am not an adventurer by choice but by faith” Becoming van Gogh

Becoming van Gogh – is an in depth exploration of Vincent van Gogh’s unconventional path to becoming one of the world’s most recognizable artists.

Denver Art Museum – Denver, Colorado. More than 70 paintings, drawings, and prints and 30 works by artists who inspired van Gogh, this exhibition was curated by Timothy Standring who scoured the globe for seven years to find collectors and museums willing to loan a painting, drawing or print by the Dutchman whom many consider the greatest painter of all times. Denver is the only venue for this exhibition. Louis van Tilborgh of the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam was key in helping Standring turn his dream into reality and flew to Denver for the opening in late October.

Becoming van Gogh takes a new look at the artist’s largely self taught stylistic development. Van Gogh produced an enormous collection of work in a relatively short ten year period. Between 1881 and 1890 he made approximately 900 paintings. He sold only 1 painting during his lifetime and only became famous after his death.

Vincent had an older brother who died at birth. His name was also Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh was close friends with Paul Gauguin and close with his brother Theo who died six months after Vincent. Vincent wrote more than 800 letters in his short life time and most of them were to his brother Theo.

Van Gogh suffered from several physical problems including epilepsy and depression. He died at the age of 37. His life, though short, was filled with passion and enthusiasm and his commitment to his fellowman was notable.

Denver is very honored to have this exhibit which will end January 20, 2013.

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