Waxing Creative, YKnots!


Accomplished Student

Fun workshop, Glass Fusing, Evergreen

Glass Fusing Workshop


Glass Bead Making Torch


1st Place award "Food, Glorious Food" 2012

Student Work

C's Pieces

Claudia Craven Pieces - Former Student (artfair partner now)

Heart Knows the Way

Fine silver earrings with working compasses

HBG Beaded Necklace

Charmed Fairy Pin

Sterling & hand blown glass

Charmed Pin

Sterling charms and pearls


Fine silver, fine silver mesh, black Tahitian pearl

Embellished Cross

Beaded, kumihimo, cross with czs

Computer Graphics

Logo, 11/14 from 11/83

Fine silver, dichroic glass

Syringe mounted glass cab ring

Orange cz, pmc ring

Sideways ring fine silver

Rhodocrosite, Peridot

Fine silver ring with Rhodacrosite cab and trillion peridot on the side

Aspen Leaves

painted aspen leaves, fine silver, dichroic glass


Fine silver, hand built, patinated

Spinning Prayer Bead

Gordon Uyehara's class, World Conference, Chicago, 2011

Suspended Pearls

Dorinda's piece


Textured front & back, double bail, hand built

Fire & Ice Pendant

Dichroic glass in fine silver pendant

Suspended Pearls

Anodized Niobium

Hypoallergenic, lightweight, 3/4" earrings, niobium wires


coral bead, sterling components, carved bone feather

PMC (precious metal clay) earrings

Fine silver, patinated, 3/4"


Fine silver, hand sculpted, patinated peas

Zipper Jewel

glass murini beads and sterling articulated turtle

Hand blown glass

Triple tier earrings with bird festish and hand blown glass, sterling tube beads

Chili Pepper

HBG (hand blown glass) beads with sterling tube beads

Goldie Bronze Charms

Goldie Bronze Charms

Fine Silver Class Pieces

Pendants and charms drying on coffee warmer

Fused Glass Pendants

Class pieces from Evergreen Workshop

Fire & Ice Pendant

Dichroic glass cabachon in fine silver